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Great music directors are masterful sculptors! They sculpt everything and everyone involved in a single seamless musical outcome!

That’s why some of the world’s greatest bands and top artists use of a music director for their live act or album.

In fact, music directors work in diverse environments that range from tours and recordings of commercial artists to musical theatre, show bands, cruise ships and reality TV shows.

Our music directors are masters of their function!

They can:


HD’s superb music directors possess all the incredible qualities their intricate function entails. Some can be learnt. Others are inherent. Our Musical Directors have them all!

Ultimately, our Music Directors have an innate sense of theatricality - masters of projecting dramatic intention through any type of music. They can seamlessly switch gears from raging rock guitar riffs to soaring symphonic strings, and from mellifluous soprano singing to jagged full-throated rock.

Their versatility is totally at home in all worlds.

That’s why we work with a vast spectrum of artists and musicians across every realm of the glorious world of music.

Let our Music Directors sculpt the musical performance you require, deftly!



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