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Transcribing music is using ears to inform eyes

Listening to a piece of music and writing down what you’re hearing.

We are perfectly proficient at transcribing everything from solo lines to big band and orchestrated recordings.

Musically, it’s not often easy to transcribe music from recordings.  It depends on the complexity of the music, how good your ear is and how detailed you want your transcription to be.

Sure, jotting down a few basic chords from a simple song can happen in real-time, while you’re listening to it - if your musical ear’s good.

On the other extreme, a detailed transcription of intricate music means hours to transcribe a single minute.

So many musicians have come to us in despair. They’ve heard, they’ve listened, and they’ve played and replayed the same passage countless times. And it still eludes them. 


We know the challenges of complex transcription well!

Sometimes you can’t hear the bass line or the melody’s too fast. Maybe you can pick out four notes from a particular harmony, but there's a note or two missing to complete the chord.

Music’s mystery doesn’t always easily reveal itself - except to us.

So don’t angrily turn off the recording or get wound up. Let us transcribe it for you!

Undoubtedly, playing by ear makes you a better musician. You’re totally immersed in what’s happening, fully connected to your fellow musicians and playing with natural feel.

Transcription translates that feel into a format even outsiders can share. It shows why a piece of music sounds so amazing!

Ultimately, no matter what kind of music you play, transcription lets you learn from listening to a song - making you better at making it sound incredible!  

Let us use our ears to make phenomenal music for your eyes!



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