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A fabulous film score is the emotional bedrock of any cinematic experience!

It’s not the film's soundtrack. That’s the list of actual songs used in it.  

An original film score is specifically composed for the film.It’s the orchestral music that permeates the entire movie - punctuating particular scenes, eliciting audience emotions, defining the film itself.

A movie like JAWS for example, is inextricably linked with the definitive “de-doom dedoom dedoom” that precedes a shark attack. 

So scoring a film has become an essential element of the movie production process!


At HD we love the art of scoring - film freaks who know the exact essentials of writing for films of all types and styles.

We delight in creating unique film scores - where anything minutely different would shatter the film’s essence. And we are at the forefront of film scoring’s techno evolution - using MIDI, sequencers and hi-tech recording gear to create awesome film scores with fantastic effectiveness and cost efficiency!

We can also play the music we create brilliantly! All of our musicians are experienced professionals in playing and recording for film. Highly skilled in sight-reading, instrumental musicianship and giving your film’s score breathtaking atmosphere!

Let us write the shorthand of your film’s emotions beautifully!



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