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Johannesburg & Cape Town, South Africa

Sometimes paying a full band is beyond budget. And finding musicians to rehearse and perform with is not always easy.

That’s why we create and market outstanding backtracks that sound just like the original! Perfect for rehearsals and live performances.

Want to buy an existing backing track or record a new one, we’re there for you!

We record backtracks using live musicians and/or high end samplers. And we can seamlessly change your backtrack to another key to suite you!


If you’ve written a song but don’t have a band to record it, our in-house team of arrangers, musicians, sound engineers and producers do it all!

We have over 9000 backtracks in our database!

And we can email or post backtracks in two outstanding music formats – WAV and/or MP3 (192kb).

Let us, let you, change the world with backtracks of the highest quality!